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A SMARTer® approach to BCR repertoire profiling analysis


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

PLEASE NOTE: New date—webinar rescheduled from July 19


10:00 am PDT; 7:00 pm CEST (30-min session)

Nathalie Bolduc, Ph.D.  

In this free webinar, Dr. Rachel Fish (Takara Bio USA, Inc.) will present data generated with the newly released SMARTer Mouse BCR IgG H/K/L Profiling Kit (SMARTer mouse BCR kit), our latest addition to the SMARTer immune profiling portfolio. The SMARTer mouse BCR kit pairs 5' RACE with our SMART® NGS technology to provide a sensitive, accurate, and optimized approach to B-cell receptor (BCR) profiling. This kit enables the capture of complete V(D)J variable regions and includes a flexible PCR pooling strategy for highly sensitive sequencing of different heavy and light chains from the same sample.

To learn more about the features and benefits of this powerful new solution for BCR profiling and to view application data, register for the live webinar by filling out the form.

Specific, accurate amplification for BCR repertoire profiling
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